Flexispy Reviews. Flexispy is certainly the best software for any parent. As we know, nowadays instant messengers become popular among people in every age and our kids might use it as well on their smartphone. While they have possibility to find any kind of people in these instant messengers, sometimes parents find it worrying since it is possible for them to meet such bad community or person. As a result, Flexispy is certainly a great solution for every parent who is looking for the best way to monitor their kids’ messaging behaviors without getting known.

By using this software, any parent will be able to monitor their kids’ messaging behavior on using instant messengers such as Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, BBM, Skype, Snapchat, Telegram, WeChat and other online chatting providers available nowadays. This software make parent is possible to spy multimedia files on their kids’ smartphone as well. In this case, Flexispy will make the parent know what their video, image and audio files are. Moreover, as a parent, you can also know where they actually are when they are not at home. You can tract their location by tracking the GPS location. And you will find many other features that will be perfect for protecting your kids as well.

Let’s say that listen to live calls and read SMS are the best features that known by many people, but actually there are many other features that will make you difficult to avoid this software. In the spy on calls feature, you can record calls and view call logs. Listen to phone surroundings you is also possible. Moreover, in the spy on messages feature, you can send fake SMS, delete SMS containing keywords and also read emails. Then, there are still other great features that you can find when using Flexispy & Top Spy.